Admission for UK and UAE Diploma Programmes is Now Open

BPEC is a mission-critical academic institution that works with UAE and international institutions. The various activities in BPEC, academic and extracurricular, enable learners from diverse cultural backgrounds develop essential abilities they can apply in the corporate world. As other educational institutions rely on traditional concepts of learning, BPEC believes that integrating practical approach and a [...]

How Netflix’s Popular K-Drama “Squid Games” Dominated this Year’s BOOPEC in BPEC

The students of BPEC start off the month of November with a spooky celebration through the annual Halloween event – BOOPEC! The terrifyingly exciting occasion makes a comeback as the first face-to-face event for the students to participate in and enjoy, thanks to the COVID regulations loosening up. Students are encouraged to attend wearing creative [...]

How a BPEC graduate successfully earned a position in one of the leading hospitals in the UAE

BPEC has paved the way to my dreams and goals and you are about to know the reasons why. One of the characters I realized I had growing up is living in the present. You may refer to it as ‘going with the flow’, which means I have learned how to be grateful and resourceful [...]
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Find Out How Quenzy Managed Her Undergraduate Studies During the Pandemic

After the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020, and a pandemic on 11 March 2020; student life completely transformed into something unimaginable. Students all around the world have been forced to stay at home and complete their studies via e-learning. We can all [...]
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BPEC Integrative Model for Enhancing Learning Experience and Employability

Some People and Students in front of the new and futuristic building of the University of Economics and Business in Vienna.

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