How a BPEC graduate successfully earned a position in one of the leading hospitals in the UAE

How a BPEC graduate successfully earned a position in one of the leading hospitals in the UAE

BPEC has paved the way to my dreams and goals and you are about to know the reasons why. One of the characters I realized I had growing up is living in the present. You may refer to it as ‘going with the flow’, which means I have learned how to be grateful and resourceful of what is handed to me at present hence the reason why I live by the rule “do your best today and not worry about tomorrow”. Due to this, I graduated high school without knowing exactly what career my heart desires because trying to excel in the present made me forget to envision my future.

Initially, there are two main reasons why I settled for Business and Management discipline of study. First, it is the program I can take on without having the need to go back to the Philippines and be separated from my family. Second, I was already given the opportunity to be overseas while some had to go through an extra mile just to work abroad, I felt as though better opportunities awaits me here, why go back home in Philippines to study then come back abroad to work again when I AM already here. With this in mind, I excitedly enrolled for this program, thrilled that I was with my high school friends as well.

I strongly believe that college is the gateway to our career and future. What I thought to be the most ordinary personal decision turned out to be my most important decision. While I was walking forward, only blindly watching my steps, I happened to make the right turn when I chose to study Business and Management. Come to think of it, in most of the industries existent, Business and Management is their core because no company will ever operate without it. If you want to have a flexible program that can help you fit right in what you think to be the most stable industry, then here you have it.

In BPEC, I have evolved to be an entrepreneur rather than just a college student, because our brilliant and exceptional professors made the crucial part of Business Management applicable for us. Every case scenarios we received made us into business minded people since we research and study to resolve cases that can help businesses keep operating. In BPEC, our final assignments mean something because we ensure a strict compliance to low plagiarism level. More than our understanding of the modules, faculty members look into both the authenticity and content of all final assignments which helped me as well to expand my vocabulary, after all the synonyms I explored, it has come into my advantage working in the corporate world. My passion for Business and Management developed over the years, on top of experiencing professional guidance from all our professors who always ensure that all BPEC students will graduate not just with diploma but with real education. Moreover, these experiences were made colourful mixed with the memories I share with my great friends, whom I shared these challenging but satisfying journey with.

I am currently a Patient Administrator in Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital. When I got interviewed I was a fresh graduate with no corporate experience yet, however, what made my Curriculum Vitae stood out among other experienced applicants is my qualification from University of Northampton in UK, graduating with the degree of BA (Hons) in Business and Management. Aside from experience, big companies look into certificates and educational background hence highlighting the credibility of the diploma I graduated with from BPEC.

As I embarked on my professional career, I can say that learning about Customer Relationship Management and Corporate Social Responsibility made it easier for me to understand and deal with different kinds of patients. The Human Resources Management course has given me a hint on what my colleagues would most likely need to stay motivated in the clinics, moreover, my vocabulary and skill to convey a message professionally in written manner allowed me to construct better emails that was observed by all my supervisors hence the reason why I represent Mediclinic Al Noor to companies who require Company PCR Testing during the peak of the pandemic.

Being knowledgeable of the system, as well as, the importance of a healthy corporate relationship with both patients and colleagues made me excel into a better employee. After a year of working, the Lord has blessed me with the title “Sparky of the month” in the entire Patient Services Department. Graduating in a program that concentrates in Business and Management made me acknowledge the existence and significance of Vision, Mission and Goals. On this regard, I took into heart the justification of all the strategies and operations that the company I work with are implementing so I made sure my daily performance will help fulfil the vision that our management has for the company and the employees.

By the grace of God, my performance was recognized by my Line Manager hence the candidacy for promotion after a year of working. As I grow to understand more deeply the importance of Business and Management, I grew more passionate to learn and evolve more. I have decided to take on Post-Graduate and Masters programs beginning on the later part of 2021. The education I have received from BPEC has helped me massively and now I am back to gain some more.

One of the realizations that I have pondered upon is how good education can bring you confidence, not just to step into the next chapter of your life where nothing is too familiar but as well as confidence in yourself because the formula for confidence is

CHARACTER + COMPETENCE = CONFIDENCE. Build your character now and surround yourself with tools that can make you competent.

Clarissa Vianca Peregrina
BPEC Graduate

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