How Netflix’s Popular K-Drama “Squid Games” Dominated this Year’s BOOPEC in BPEC

How Netflix’s Popular K-Drama “Squid Games” Dominated this Year’s BOOPEC in BPEC

The students of BPEC start off the month of November with a spooky celebration through the annual Halloween event – BOOPEC! The terrifyingly exciting occasion makes a comeback as the first face-to-face event for the students to participate in and enjoy, thanks to the COVID regulations loosening up. Students are encouraged to attend wearing creative and iconic costumes, and the fun doesn’t stop there as different games and booths are accessible for everyone to enjoy.

The event’s theme this year was based on the popular K-Drama series “Squid Game” which became the #1 most watched show in Netflix since September. Following the activities of the event, after the opening speech, the party games have commenced. The first being “Red Light Green Light” but with a twist. The players will not only have to stop at the call of “Red Light”, but they also must avoid touching the various balloons scattered all over the floor.


The third game was filled with some exciting rounds of tug of war. The players were teamed up to compete against one another by pulling the provided rope and have the opposing team cross the line. The players were able to show incredible feats of strength at the cost of the carpets that was ripped out from the floor.

The second game was a game of chance, where players will have to guess which spaces are safe and which are not. As school policies and regulations will not allow the use of glass panes and tall heights, the game was prepared with the use of carboard boxes that are filled with books to emulate the game’s mechanics.


The final game of the event was the anticipated Dalgona cookie cutting where the players must cut out the shapes imprinted onto the sweet without breaking them. The players took their time with their cookie and used different strategies such as pinching, licking, or biting the sweet to make out the shape. The challenge resulted in one victor, leaving the rest with bittersweet (but mostly sweet) defeat.


In between games, various intermissions and special numbers were performed to keep the party going, as well as booths such as the cinema booth and photo booth for entertainment. A food stall was also available for the students to buy snacks and beverages in case people get hungry.

A quick chat was held with the SRC President, Areane Guerrero, and we asked about her thoughts regarding the event:

“BOOPEC was a huge success and specially it was the very first event that I have planned for BPEC students, and the first event ever since the pandemic started. We had our ups and downs during the main event but it all went well since we pushed this event for all students to have the best Halloween experience this school year.”


Overall, BOOPEC was a great experience to all students who attended, and a great start for the next upcoming events that the school has to offer. Let’s see what they have in mind for the upcoming Expo Trip and Winterfest.



Samuel John Parian Tus

Level 5 Tourism & Hospitality Management student

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